The Charter of the gallery



 The world is peopled with images; nothing exists except by the representations we make of it. All that surrounds us is only abuse of our senses and virtuality.

This is why Art WebGallery exists: it is a virtual place where real images of what does not exist are presented.

 A rule to respect: no exchange without dialogue; no exhibition, sale, project to be presented that is not the subject of an exchange, by telephone, email or live image server. Technology and exchange networks must not prevent courtesy and verbal language in communicating.

 This is why the proposals of works to put on line, on the part of the artists as merchants, are made by personalized direct contacts. The final choices are made by Vivian Véteau, who decides to broadcast them on the website Art WebGallery.

Art WebGallery ensures the referencing of the site on the search engines and regularly diffuses the news of the site by email with its regulars, acquaintances and other visitors of the site.

 What ultimately matters is human exchange, commerce and desire, the story of virtual things. This is why the works that will be seen or sold well will be those accompanied by a little story, which will have its charm and its relevance.


 The artists

 Artists are usually the creators, painters, visual artists, sculptors, photographers, whose work is the mental and sensitive expression of their worldview.

 The selected artists are chosen by Vivian Véteau, according to his favorites, the novelties that are proposed to him, suggestions made on the site.

 To be selected: just send an e-mail or fill out a form with three or four photos as attachments, some lines of presentation of the artistic work (technique, support, size, order of price) and a project of exposure; or to be solicited directly by Vivian Véteau.

Then a simple procedure is indicated for the transmission modalities of the selected photos (size, format, number). The posting is carried out free of charge by Art WebGallery.

 (click on this link to see the details of the offer)

 The selected projects allow artists to choose the works they want to put online; artists who exhibit can then become permanent artists of Art WebGallery.

 In return, artists are asked to agree to put on sale one or more of their works in Art WebGallery's shop (this is not an obligation).

 In case of sale, a percentage agreed in advance (usually 25% of the amount excluding sales tax) will be returned to Art WebGallery.

 Shipping costs are the responsibility of the owner of the work at the time of sale.

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